“There’s beauty in simplicity, it’s having an eye for the details, in knowing what to keep and what to refresh.”


Jacqueline Nelson is a Kiwi who has called Sydney home since 2000. With a keen eye for elegance and a head for practicality, she brings down to earth, playful clarity that creates an immediate bond with each client. She ensures it’s a collaborative process, one that’s effortless and fun. Jacqueline’s approach brings equal measures of ‘good for you’ honesty as it does indulging the individual’s personality in the finishing touches to a wardrobe, home refresh or special event.

As former creative director of HouseHold Linens, Jacqueline was instrumental in the growth of her iconic family brand. Through designing and creating linen ranges and  styling shoots, her role spanned director of merchandising and styling flagship stores, to offering bespoke consultations at client homes to make sure they got ‘the look’ right. Discretion and a genuine love of creating calm from the chaos have helped Jacqueline establish trusted personal bonds with her many high profile clients.